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Selected Talks and Presentations

Splendid and Beautiful: Moral Beauty for the 21st Century (Stoicon 2023)

Stoicism and the Good Emotions (Conversations with Modern Stoicism, September 2023)

Transformation: From Pre-Rational Instinct to Rational Care (Stoicon 2022)

Positive Emotions in Stoicism (Stoicon-X Melbourne, 2022)

Natural Leadership: A Stoic Perspective (International Women's Day, hosted by Aurelius Foundation)

How Do Stoics Care? (Stoicon 2021)

Conference Host & Organizer

Lighting the Way: Philosophical Role Models of the Past and Present (March 2024)

Stoic Wisdom for Mental Health and Wellbeing Professionals, online event (Sep. 2023)

Stoic Summit, Tampa, FL (April 2023)

Stoics Care online event (April 2022)

Practical Paths to Flourishing: Stoicon Women online event (March 2021)

Nonprofit Board Member

Stoicare, co-founder and president (2021-present)

Modern Stoicism, steering committee member (2021-present)

The Stoic Fellowship, board member (2022-2023)


Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics and ESL, Georgia State University, 2014

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